Universal Modular 6-Switch Panel

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Product Overview

Universal Modular 6-Switch Panel w/36 Inch Battery Cable Set (Standard) with optional 84 Inch Battery Cable Set.
Universal System for use in many trucks and UTVs!

This system includes a Modular 6 switch panel. The sPOD switch panel is easy to install and arrives with switches installed and wired for plug and play ease.

Source mounts to top of fuse box. Some cutting and drilling required.


  • For 2015+ Toyota Tacoma installs, must have a stock sunglasses holder for placement of the switch panel.
  • For 2004 and older Toyota Tacoma, please request the special 90 degree (2 tabs formed up) Source bracket.

Each system includes the following:

  • Switch actuator color: 2 Red, 2 Amber, 2 Green.
  • All required mounting brackets and hardware.
  • Switch panel with six Contura switches (installed and pre-wired)
  • 9 foot control harness (interconnect between the switches and the power distribution module)
  • All wires are wrapped in high temp abrasion resistant nylon braided sleeving.
  • 9 foot control harness (interconnect between the switches and the power distribution module)

The Source 6 Circuit power distribution system includes:

  • 12 position terminal block for accessory attachment
  • 6 Bosch style cube style relays (SPST 40amp) (plug-in style)
  • 6 ATO style automotive fuses 3 15 amp and 3 30 amp supplied
  • 6 Diodes to protect sensitive accessories such as LED lights from field collapse
  • Inline 50 amp manual resetting circuit breaker
  • 8 gauge power leads with crimped and soldered terminal for connection to the battery
  • Integrated LVCO (Low-Voltage-Cut-Off) circuit that detects the battery voltage and will cut-off at 11.2VDC and cuts-back in at 12.8VDC so there is enough juice to start your vehicle in case you left an accessory on!
  • LVCO can be disabled


(No reviews yet) Write a Review